Diablo 4’s Massive Loot Reborn Update Is Live, Season 4 Patch Notes Released


Diablo 4 Season 4, Loot Reborn, is now live on all platforms, and it brings the biggest changes yet for Blizzard’s ARPG across both the Eternal and seasonal realms. We’ve also gotten a very extensive set of patch notes for the update.

Unlike previous Diablo 4 seasons, which introduced new questlines and unique seasonal mechanics, Season 4 instead focuses on and retools core aspects of the game going forward. Gear in the demon-slaying ARPG has undergone a significant overhaul as a result.

Items will now roll with fewer, but more-potent and less-niche affixes, and can be upgraded in two new ways. One is by Tempering, which adds an additional affix from a new Tempering Recipes, while Masterworking makes the affixes on an item even more powerful. Legendary Aspects are now automatically added to the Codex of Power, no extracting required, allowing players to more freely swap their Legendary Powers in and out as they acquire new gear. In another nice change, playing on World Tier 3 will always reward Sacred items, while playing on World Tier 4 will always reward Ancestral items.

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