Gloomhaven Dev’s New Game Announced And Postponed On The Same Day


The studio behind 2019’s Gloomhaven, Flaming Fowl, announced its new game today. It’s a deckbuilding strategy game called Ironmarked but while it has a Steam demo out, the studio has already delayed the full release indefinitely.

In a statement to VGC, CEO Craig Oman said that Flaming Fowl had been working on Ironmarked for over a year before its publisher unexpectedly dropped it last summer. The studio has been self-funding Ironmarked since August, and now had to stop production and lay off more than half of its developers.

Unfortunately, Oman explained that he’s been pitching the game to various publishers since then, but hasn’t been able to secure any deal. He points out that the most likely reason is that Ironmarked is a mid-tier title, as he was asking for around $6 million USD. However, publishers were only looking to sign games that cost a couple hundred grand or around the high end at $20 to $40 million.

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