New Destiny 2 Final Shape Trailer Delves Deeper Into The Strange World Inside The Traveler


A new trailer for Destiny 2‘s next expansion, The Final Shape, gives the clearest sense we’ve yet seen of what players can expect when they venture inside the Pale Heart of the Traveler. It’s a weird, somewhat distorted reflection of the world Guardians have explored for the last 10 years, made all the more unsettling by the creeping, corrupting influence of the Witness spreading through it.

The new trailer sets a haunting tone for The Final Shape, which stands as the culmination of 10 years of storytelling in the Destiny universe. It’s narrated by Cayde-6, the upbeat, jokey Vanguard leader who died in the Forsaken expansion and who is resurrected within the Traveler by unknown means. Nathan Fillion reprises the role after seasoned voice actor Nolan North briefly stepped in during the Forsaken expansion, but he’s not cracking wise through this trailer–he’s giving a solemn and spooky accounting of what Cayde has seen and felt since he woke up, alive again, inside Destiny 2’s powerful machine god.

Check out the trailer below.

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