Halo Infinite Is Finally Making A Classic Weapon Useful Again


Halo Infinite will finally restore one of the franchise’s classic weapons to its former glory come its next free update, making it so the Plasma Pistol will once again disable vehicles with a fully-charged shot.

When Halo Infinite’s multiplayer launched in November 2021, players were dismayed to see that the Plasma Pistol’s EMP effect had been stripped away. Instead, developer 343 Industries gave the Plasma Pistol’s original functionality to the game’s new electricity-based weapons, the Disruptor and the Shock Rifle. That left the Plasma Pistol without much utility aside from its normal shield-depleting charge shot, much to the sadness of old-school Halo fans.

It may have taken two and a half years, but the Plasma Pistol will once again be useful come Halo Infinite’s Banished Honor update on April 30.

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