In a move Helldivers 2 soldiers call “uncalled for,” devs nerf shotgun key to the war effort as it was “hands down the best sniper rifle” in the game


A new Helldivers 2 patch has nerfed the Slugger shotgun, and players aren’t happy in the slightest, even after one developer spoke about why the nerfs were implemented.

The latest Helldivers 2 patch dropped yesterday on April 2, signalling the arrival of brand new planetary hazards like blizzards and sandstorms, while quietly adding lethal new Automaton gunships. However, it’s the new adjustments made to the Slugger shotguns that has got players talking.

The Slugger has seen reduced stagger impact, reduced damage from 280 to 250 points, and reduced demolition force. The player below rails against the changes, arguing that the nerfs were “completed uncalled for,” and that consequentially, the Slugger now no longer staggers “most enemies.”

slugger nerfs were completely uncalled for from r/Helldivers

“Why exactly is anyone supposed to pick Slugger over the Dominator now? It was fine where it was before. It feels as though the Dominator has effectively replaced the Slugger’s role instead of the two both being meaningful choices with pros and cons to each,” the player adds.

Another point of contention is players wondering why developer Arrowhead reduced the Slugger’s damage, instead of bullet drop-off over increased distances. In the post below, a developer writes that the Slugger was “hands down the best sniper rifle in the game,” which is understandable not what the studio wanted for a shotgun in Helldivers 2.

According to a developer on discord, slugger was nerfed because it was “hands down best sniper rifle in the game”. Then why nerf stagger instead of damage drop off? from r/Helldivers

The player wonders why Arrowhead didn’t instead nerf the Slugger’s drop-off, if it’s firing over increased distances, instead of its damage. Others are also chiming in, arguing that Arrowhead should “make the actual snipers good” instead of nerfing the competition. It’s obviously not quite as simple as that, but you understand the sentiment. 

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